May 30, 2024 Pierre Elisseeff

Analyzr is now the G2M platform

Under Construction

Analyzr is now the G2M platform! After many discussions with our clients we’ve come to really hone in on the fact that everything we do is at the intersection of go-to-market activities and AI — hence our name, G2M Insights and our URL, With that in mind and additional market validation, it is now time to bring G2M and Analyzr together under a single brand.

Our mission is unchanged: more than ever, we help you grow by improving your go-to-market through scalable, AI-enabled solutions. We make you, our clients, more data-driven, AI-enabled, and customer-centric.

Our updated corporate site is the first step of this realignment. Over the next month or so, we’ll realign the rest of our tech stack around the G2M brand. Pardon our dust while we complete the transition.

Let’s go!

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Pierre Elisseeff

Pierre has worked in the communications, media and technology sector for over 25 years. He has held a number of executive roles in finance, marketing, and operations, and has significant expertise leading business analytics teams across a broad set of functions (financial analytics, sales analytics, marketing and pricing analytics, credit risk).