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Go-To-Market Strategy

Technology disrupts, markets evolve, and your go-to-market strategy needs to adapt. Just as the advent of the web changed the game when it comes to sales, marketing, and customer care, AI is now changing the game again. Successful players are re-inventing their go-to-market playbook to enter new markets and capture greater share. How will you respond? Our world-class team can help you adapt and develop a better go-to-market strategy. You think you have a time-tested strategy, but need help developing and implementing tactics? AI is changing how successful businesses target and market to prospects. We’ll make sure your execution is leading-edge and delivers quick results.

Product & Pricing Lifecycle

Imagine a world where you can build demand curves for your products one prospect at a time, and price with surgical precision. How will that change your pricing approach? We have the experience and the tools to help you develop a better pricing strategy from overall planning to modeling and optimization, down to field enablement and post-mortem analytics. Pricing is the most impactful decision you can make. Give yourself the best chance for success. Our team has generated upward of billions in value for our clients through better pricing strategy and tactics.

Sales & Service

How much do you know about your customers and your sales? Do you have detailed insights on which mix of activities is most effective for your sales reps? Are you leveraging the latest technology to get the most granular, actionable insights on how to target, manage, and retain your customers? Can you react in near real-time to manage your customer base at scale? Our deep, technology-enabled sales and customer analytics will help you run a full spectrum of analytics, from 360° customer analytics to sales, customer experience, and retention analytics.

Data Ecosystem

Profound technology advances in cloud-computing, data marketplaces and exchanges, and scalable models are changing the way businesses execute their go-to-market strategy. Data is the new gold and businesses must know how to mine it effectively, as insight is the currency of organic growth. Are you getting the expected value from your data resources? Is your current data ecosystem ready for the AI transformation? Our professionals can help you build your data ecosystem, accelerate AI adoption, and deploy scalable models in your organization.

Meet our team

Our leadership team brings decades of experiences building and growing companies using technology and go-to-market best practices.

Derek Azuara


Derek is a business and technology leader with over 22 years of industry and consulting experience across marketing, sales operations, and finance.

Pierre Elisseeff


Pierre has over 20 years of experience in the telecom, media and technology sector with significant expertise leading business analytics teams across a broad set of functions.

Garrett Sznip


Garrett has over 23 years of experience building companies, and was previously President of Consulting Services at Harte Hanks where he led groups focused on innovation, advisory and data analytics.

Our Partners

We leverage world-class technology partners and their innovative edge to empower your team with data-driven solutions.

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