March 10, 2020 Derek Azuara

G2M Insights announces Alteryx partnership

We couldn’t be more excited to announce today we’ve partnered with Alteryx, Inc, the company revolutionizing business through data science and analytics! Using the Alteryx end-to-end analytics software platform, our data analysts and consultants will provide advisory, managed, and implementation services to clients across all industry verticals.

G2M insights’ data engineers and data analysts, in conjunction with the business consulting team, have a wealth of experience working with Enterprise clients to drive actionable, measurable outcomes across the full spectrum of go-to-market activities. This partnership will provide a strategic advantage to G2M Insights clients by enabling the ingestion, cleansing, and analysis of their data in record time.

“We are thrilled to become an Alteryx Partner,” said Derek Azuara, G2M Insights’ co-founder and Data Management Practice Lead. “The Alteryx partnership, combined with our expertise with cloud-based platforms such as Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, enables us to deliver tailored solutions and granular recommendations to our clients using today’s massive, and less than perfect, datasets.”

See the full press release here.



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Derek Azuara

Derek is a business and technology leader with 20+ years of industry and consulting experience across multiple disciplines in marketing, sales operations, and finance. He leverages his knowledge of database architecture and advanced analytics to provide data-driven solutions.